1.       Preferred Living has been retained by the property owner as its representative for management and leasing services. As our customer, we want you to understand that an agency relationship exists between Preferred Living and the property owner, and that Preferred Living does not, in any respect, have any fiduciary or agency responsibility to you.


2.       You represent that the information set forth in the application is complete and accurate. We reserve the right to deny your application if it is determined that any information that you provided throughout the application process was dishonest or inaccurate. This future denial for dishonesty or inaccuracy may occur at any time leading up to your move-in date.


3.       You agree and consent that all information stated on the application may be verified. You authorize us, through our designated agent or employees, to obtain and verify all credit information and a criminal background check for the purpose of determining whether or not to lease the unit to you.  You understand that if you enter into a lease for the unit, we and our designated agents and employees will have a continuing right to review your credit information, rental application, payment history and occupancy history for account review purposes and for improving application methods.


4.       We will review your financial stability, which includes but is not limited to the following criteria: eviction history, credit score, employment and income history, payment delinquencies, bankruptcies, landlord references, residential history, and other financial information. To the extent permitted by law, we will evaluate your criminal history to determine whether any conviction poses a demonstrable risk to personal safety or property of others.  Our financial and criminal criteria are available to view by request.


5.       Each applicant 18 years of age & older must complete a separate application & pay the application fee. The application fee is a non-refundable fee for processing the application and will not be refunded to you. Certain residential communities managed by Preferred Living operate under the rules and regulations of the City of Columbus Community Reinvestment Area program. Qualification for this program depends on several factors, including the number of people in the household and the total annual household income of all adults residing in the unit.  If you rent under this program, any portion of the application and processing fee above what the City of Columbus deems usual and customary will be refunded to you, applied to your account, or not charged, at our option.


6.       In addition to the application fee, a hold fee will be collected at the time of application. If for any reason, we decline your application, we will refund the hold fee to you in accordance with our customary practice.  If we approve your application and a lease is signed, we will apply the hold fee to the first’s month rent and you will be required to pay the remainder of the first month’s rent, if applicable. If, however, you decide prior to executing the lease that, notwithstanding this Application, and our approval, you no longer wish to proceed with the lease, you must so notify us and the hold fee will be retained by us as damages for holding the unit off the market. In all events, if you have not executed and returned the lease to us within 14 days after the application is submitted by you, we may assume that you are not interested in proceeding, the unit may no longer be reserved for you, and the hold fee may be retained by us as damages.


7.       By accepting the application fee and hold fee from you, we are not obligated to approve your application or rent the unit to you.  Our approval of your application is contingent upon a satisfactory review of your financial stability and, to the extent permitted by law, criminal history.


8.       A lease for the unit must be signed within 14 days of your submission of the application in order to lock in a quoted rental rate and any applicable specials or concessions; after 14 days, rental rates, specials, or concessions may no longer be valid. To achieve these time frames, you agree to provide within 72 hours information we request in connection with your application. 


9.       If your application is approved, but the desired unit is not available, you will be presented with a lease to sign, and we will place you on a wait list on a first come, first serve basis.


10.   All fees must be made by credit card or through ACH using a bank account. A convenience fee is charged by the third-party processer on all credit card transactions.


11.   The specific unit leased will determine the final rental rate, which may be higher than the base rental rate depending on premium features of a unit. We have a limited number of units at each rental rate. Rates, specials, concessions, and availability are subject to change.  Specials and concessions are valid for new residents only (dependent on the lease term).


12.   All tenants at the property are required to obtain $100,000 of property damage liability insurance. Tenants are required to provide proof of insurance purchased. If proof of insurance is not provided prior to the commencement of the lease term, the unit will be place in the community’s Property Damage Liability Waiver program at an additional monthly charge.


13.   All applications will be process without regard to race, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, age, disability, familial status, military status or any other basis that may be protected under applicable federal, state, or local law. All applications will be considered.


14.   Important information about your rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act: You have a right to request disclosure of the nature and scope of the investigation. You must be told if information in your file has been used against you. You have a right to know what is in your file, and this disclosure may be free. You have the right to ask for a credit score (there may be a fee for this service). You have the right to dispute incomplete or inaccurate information. Consumer reporting agencies must correct inaccurate, incomplete, or unverifiable information.  Consumer reporting agencies may not report outdated negative information. A summary of your rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act is available by visiting: or writing Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, 1700 G Street N.W., Washington, DC 20552.


15.   By submitting this application, you hereby consent to Preferred Living sharing your nonpublic personal information (as defined by the Gramm Leach Bliley Act, 15 U.S.C. §6802(e)) with one or more third party vendors (collectively, “Vendors”) for the purpose of Preferred Living receiving an identity verification product in connection with your application, and for the Vendors’ use in the preparation of similar reports.

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Disclosures & Consent
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Consent to the Use of My Electronic Signature
By clicking "Agree & Continue", I consent to the use of my electronic signature instead of a physical signature to execute the rental application, rental property lease, and/or any corresponding documents for which I have initiated or applied, and I agree to be bound by the terms of the documents as if I had signed it with my physical signature.

Acknowledgment to Receive Notices, Renewals, and/or Extensions Electronically
I understand that, by my electronic signature, I hereby give my permission to the property owner or manager from whom I am renting to provide notices under the lease to me in electronic form and consent to the use of my electronic signature instead of a physical signature to execute renewals or extensions of the lease and any corresponding documents and agree to be bound by the terms of such a renewal or extension as if I had signed it with my physical signature.

Acknowledgment of Review of Electronic Signature Consent and Disclosures
I have received and reviewed this consent before providing my electronic signature and I have no difficulty accessing this information that has been provided to me electronically.

Acknowledgment of Option to Use or Not Use Electronic Signature Functionality
I understand that I am not required to sign the lease or any renewals or extensions or receive any notices under the lease electronically. If I prefer to sign with my physical signature, I understand that I may obtain a physical copy of the executable documents from the property owner or manager, complete it, physically sign it and return it to the property owner or manager at the property of interest, or from whom I am renting at the address identified by the property owner or manager.

Ability to Withdraw Consent to the Use of My Electronic Signature
I understand that, prior to my execution of the documents, I may withdraw my consent to use the electronic signature functionality and/or my consent to provide notices under the lease to me in electronic form or to receipt of any notice in electronic form by contacting the property owner or manager. I further understand that, after my execution of the lease and prior to any renewals or extensions of the lease or receipt of any notice in electronic form, I may withdraw my consent provided above to use my electronic signature instead of a physical signature or my consent to be provided notices under the lease to me in electronic form or to receipt of any notice in electronic form by providing written notice to the property owner or manager from whom I am renting.

Physical Signatures May Delay the Signing Process
I acknowledge and understand that executing the lease by a physical signature may result in, among other things, a delay in the leasing process, and the potential for the lease not to be approved by the property manager due to delays.

System Requirements to Utilize the Electronic Signature Functionality
To utilize the Electronic Signature functionality, a web browser that supports the HTTPS protocol, HTML, and cookies (e.g., including but not limited to, current versions of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari) will be needed. Viewing PDF documents requires Adobe Acrobat/Reader or similar software.

Instructions to Change Consent and/or Update Contact Information
I understand that I should contact the property owner or manager directly to request paper copies of documents, withdraw consent to conduct business electronically, and/or update my contact information.

Save My Signature Consent and Disclosure
By clicking "Save & Continue" at the next screen, I agree and consent to the use of my electronic signature, inclusive of my chosen signature and initials, instead of a physical signature to execute all documents chosen including legally binding contracts, and agree to be bound by the terms thereof as if I had signed each document with my physical signature.